A spectacular and thought-provoking visitors’ centre to delve into tales and legends of witchcraft and banditry



The luxuriant forests of Montseny provided the backdrop for stories of legendary characters such as the bandit Serrallonga, mythical creatures such as water-women and the Viladrau witches, who were persecuted and even executed during the 17th century. The Montseny Space in Viladrau recreates the settings and tales of all these characters in a new visitors’ centre, equipped with multimedia technology hitherto unseen in the country.

The Montseny Space is an evocative centre, which immerses us in a magical ambience, replete with thrilling image projections and surround sound. We will see holograms of bandits and water-women appear and fade away, we will journey into a magical forest and we will behold a witches’ ritual, to name but a few of the treats in store for us.

The Spaces

Bandits’ Space: The magical forests of bandits and water-women

On the ground floor, we will enter into the realm of the Bandits’ Space: a magical forest brimming with surprises (trees, water and leaves) and large-scale projections, holograms and special effects, where we will become acquainted with the water-women (or paitides) and the legend of the bandit Serrallonga, born in Viladrau.

Witches’ Space: A striking re-enactment of ancient witchcraft rituals

On the upper floor, we will delve into the story of the Viladrau witches, wise women with in-depth knowledge of medicinal plants. The space features several simultaneous and spectacular projected images and re-enacts a witches’ gathering or sabbath (coven).

Natural Park Space and Viladrau: Tourist, recreational and cultural information

To complement the centre’s content, it includes a space on the Montseny Natural Park and Viladrau, which provides information and suggestions for outings, recreational, cultural and gastronomic activities.

Arboretum: A selection of Montseny’s great diversity of plant species

A large area of land in Viladrau, known as Sot dels Vernets, has been landscaped and planted with various autochthonous species of herbs and plants related to the world of witchcraft.